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Various workpieces


Værkstøjsfremstilling Værktøjsfremstilling Værktøjsfremstilling

Workpieces from deep drawing

Aluminium workpieces for the automotive industry

– manufactured in a transfer die.

Frame for the control panel of
a heat pump

– manufactured in a hydraulic

Værktøjsfremstililng  Værktøjsfremstililng Værktøjsfremstililng

Heat distribution pipe
– manufactured with special
machines from AM 
Værktøj A/S

Mounting plate for a ventilation system, with solid details

 – manufactured in a hydraulic press.

Aluminium profile for the
automotive industry

– manufactured in a transfer die,
with punch – bracket – and
stretching bracket. 

Værktøjsfremstililng Værktøjsfremstililng Værktøjsfremstililng

Aluminium profile for the
automotive industry

 – manufactured in a transfer die,
 with punch – bracket and

Fittings parts for office furniture

 – manufactured in a progressive die.

Side cover for a wood burning
stove – manufactured in a special
press brake tool from AM Værktøj
A/S. In the die the outer edge is formed, at the same time as the
inner edge of the door is pulled up
and outer long sides are folded

Værktøjsfremstililng   Værktøjsfremstililng

Side profile for a wood burning
stove. Manufactured in a
special tool with a press brake machine. 

The workpiece is manufactured
by 3 hits – where the outer radius as well as the z bracket
on the long sides is formed.



Examples of reflector profiles for
the lighting industry. 
Manufactured in special tools with press brake machines. Each
workpiece is manufactured by 1
hits and the tools are produced
with a surface where marks and scratches are prevented. 

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