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Deep drawing die



AM Værktøj A/S also manufactures dies for deep drawing, the deep drawing technology is used when it is not possible to shape the workpiece in one pull – there has to be several pulls in order to achieve the desired workpiece geometry.  Therefore, the shaping is carried out several times until the material is shaped to the finished contour.


The picture shows an open 3D design of a pull station, machining of the die’s part in one of our CNC machining units and the finished workpiece:


Deep drawing dies for silencers on lorries

Coil: 1080 x 1.5 mm Rustproof
Feed: 1180 mm
Die dimensions: 1400 x 1250 x 625 mm
Weight: 4300 kg.


Works in a hydraulic press of 630 tonnes with 150 tonnes
of hold-down


Deep drawing of workpiece 
640 x 580 x 165 mm in 
1.5 mm AISI 304
  Uptime-IT ApS